Silicone Rubber Reinforced Tube
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Model number£ºSB-SRRT

Working temperature: -60ºC - 200ºC


Extruded silicone rubber tube reinforced with performance fiber braided, then extruded with silicone rubber and treated.


The tube is flexible and yet able to stand high working pressure at high Temperature. It offers excellent heat and cold resistance; therefore, make it very suitable for a wide range of application. In electrical appliances industry, water pipe, gas pipe, and it can be installed in coffee maker etc.


Item Performance Note
Dielectric breakdown voltage KV AC ≥7.0 In air
≥6.0 In water
≥5.0 In 2% salt water
Thermal endurance No indication of crack 200ºC × 1 hours
Working pressure 2.5Mpa No breaking


Inner Diameter Tolerance Wall Thickness Tolerance
mm mm mm mm
3.0 +0.4,-0.2 1.5 +/-0.2
4.0 +0.4,-0.2 2.0 +/-0.2
5.0 +0.4,-0.2 2.0 +/-0.2
7.0 +0.4,-0.2 2.0 +/-0.2
8.0 +0.4,-0.2 2.0 +/-0.2
8.0 +0.4,-0.2 3.0 +/-0.2

Remark: Other sizes can make to customer’s requirements.

Color: Standard color is white, other color available upon requaest.

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